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Tom Antos is a film director and cinematographer with over twenty years of experience in VFX and animation. Also, he’s the guy behind the youtube channels Tom Antos, GalgaTV, Tom Antos Films and Captain Review.

RV Tips for Newbies

Must have things. Camping discounts & how to find free camp sites.

I have been camping all over the world in a tent since I was a toddler.  Only in the last 2 years I got into camping in an RV with my wife and two small kids. I gotta admit that traveling in my class B RV or travel trailer was a big learning experience. So I thought I would share my experience with you guys who are also just getting into it. Continue reading RV Tips for Newbies

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – An Artist Tool

One Year Review by An Artist

My name is Tom Antos, and I am a film director, cinematographer and visual artist. You can find out more about my work on my all-things-filmmaking website

Today, I wanted to talk about my one year of experience with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4: how it works now versus when I first got it; and what are the good and bad things about this strange device. Continue reading Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – An Artist Tool