Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB)

is it worth it ?

Having a portable laptop is something that can come in handy, especially when you aren’t home to use your own computer. 

The Macbook air is a beautiful thin, lightweight laptop making it possible to carry with one hand.

Media consumption on this device is fun and provides great experience. I found myself binge watching Netflix shows more than before. Having the portability to take the laptop anywhere made it easier for me to bring the shows on the go. For instance I would be laying in bed watching and out of nowhere get an urge to get myself a bottle of water. But instead of pausing what I was watching, I would take the laptop with me to the kitchen and come right back without missing the action. Productivity work can be done on this laptop but it really depends on what kind of work you might have in mind. I’ve noticed that the laptop would heat up if i was running two heavy applications at once. Like if I wanted to screen record my photoshop edits or screen record while I was editing a video, the laptop would heat up. 

Apple 13.3” MacBook Air With Retina Display (late 2018, gold)

For light tasks such as watching videos, playing music, doing research papers  or even making daily schedules, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

The MacBook Air comes with 2 thunderbolt 3 ports and 1 headphone port, which is great to plug in your standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. Since this laptop only has thunderbolt ports, you’ll need to purchase an adapter to be able to use your favorite usb 2.0/3.0 accessories. On the bright side you can charge your laptop from any thunderbolt 3 port so no need to worry about making sure you plug into the correct slot. 

The keyboard is fun to type on, its thin for sure but at least you’ll be able to tell if you pressed a key. It’s also backlit so you’ll be able to see the keys in the dark. 

When it comes to battery life, I found that I roughly got around 5-6 hours when I was using it. I tend to have the screen close to its max brightness with backlit keys, not allowing to computer to dim out. Of course this varies from user to user, as well as the screen brightness, if the backlit keys are on, and or if the screen dims out when not in used. As for charging the laptop from 0 to 100, I say the charge time was around 4 hours.

This laptop has “Hey Siri” feature which you might say is similar to alexa or even a google assistant. You could tell siri to open your applications. I was surprised how well it worked ! you can even ask for the weather,  popping up on the top right corner of the laptop with the information. Launching applications via voice is pretty fun. especially if you don’t have it in your dock. Something to know though is that you can’t close the application via voice (but I mean now you are just being lazy). I would know, I tried and didn’t succeed.

There is a fingerprint sensor located on the top right corner of the laptop which is easy to miss, but you’ll get introduced to it when setting up your laptop. I say the fingerprint is pretty fast when it comes to registering your finger. In doing so, if you have apple pay, you’ll be able to make purchases with a press of a button, or shall I say scan of a finger 😉 This only works if the merchant you are buying from accepts apple pay. You could also unlock your laptop with your finger BUT keep in mind this only works if it goes to sleep/dims out. If you shut down your computer you’ll need to enter your password to gain access. 

Although the speakers aren’t big due to the laptops size, I feel like it’s pretty loud for its size. It does lack that punch you get with some other speakers but I didn’t find myself noticing it/ missing it all that much. 

The webcam camera is decent, and can be used when you are facetiming someone. Ive noticed that it seems pixelated. Normally people don’t take pictures with their webcams, especially since everyone has a phone with a better camera. If you must use this webcam you can but I wouldn’t recommend it. Just pretend it isn’t there. If you are curious it’s a 720p facing camera. Apple where’s the 4k at though?

Standard in laptops is the WiFi built feature, its running WiFi 5 (802.11AC) I’m usually don’t get into specifics when it comes to WiFi antennas and stuff BUT I did notice the WiFi range from my room (where my wireless router is connected) all the way to the kitchen (WiFi signal is weakest) and it worked well, I was able to sit in my kitchen watching videos without any buffering. Of course this could vary by many factors like what may be blocking the routers signal or what quality streaming you might be doing. 

There is a force touch trackpad in this model, that I rarely found myself using. Although it’s useful to learn. Here’s a link  explaining ways to use it !

When it comes to storage you have an option of getting a 128 gb or a 256 gb with 8gb of ram or 16gb of ram. The review model I received was a 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor with 8 gb of ram, with 128gbs of flash storage and it was more than enough to handle what I ran. Although I do not see anyone else using this laptop for anything more than doing some research papers, light graphic intensive work or media consumption. I wouldn’t recommend getting more ram or storage because the prices jump too much, which I personally don’t find worth it. I would invest that extra money in getting some accessories like a case (since the brush aluminum body can easily get scratched up) thunderbolt 3 adapters, external hard drives or even USB flash drives. External hard drives and usb flash drives can help solve the lack of storage space on the laptop.

Macbook Air Case


Sanho HyperDrive Ultimate 11 port usb 3.0 type-c hub

Cococka 7 in 1 USB C

Bluetooth Mouse:

External Hard Drive:

Flash drive

 Would I recommend this laptop? Yes I would, especially if you are an iPhone user. Apple has made it easy to link up your apple id, and in doing so would, you be able to answer incoming calls and text messages straight through your computer. It’s such a handy feature for sure! Especially when I was charging my phone and I got a text from my sister asking what’s for dinner. I was able to respond quickly. Same when my mom would call. I was able to answer through my computer ! 

 So what if you aren’t an iPhone user? I do believe it’s perfect for college students or people in general who want a lightweight, nice looking laptop that’s fast to boot up and can handle general tasks at hand. I’ll be sure to include accessories that would aid this laptop !

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