2019 Custom Video Editing PC – Mid Range

What to get if you are planning on building an affordable video editing PC in 2019?

There are a lot of options these days. One thing you might want to ask yourself if what editing software you will go with. Adobe Premiere uses both CPU and GPU while Davinci Resolve uses mostly on the power of the GPU. Of course having a good GPU and a fair amount of RAM will overall make your operating system run smoother and that can in turn make your whole computer more stable for demanding tasks such as video editing. In our build we are going to go with AMD CPU. This seems to work a bit better with Davinci Resolve which is our primary editing program. If you however prefer Intel CPU the you can also go with that as the difference between the two in terms of performance is not big. Just look at the latest prices to see what suits you better budget wise. So how much will a custom PC like that cost you? It really depends on which parts you choose and how much RAM and hardrive space. It will roughly run you about 2K give and take. Also depends when you order these parts because prices do change with time and sometimes discounts appear etc. Take a look at the list of parts below and see what fits your needs. If you want to see us put this bad boy togheter step by step then wait for our follow up post on this PC where we will have detailed videos and our impressions with benchmark tests.


Power Supply



Don’t forget the thermal compound for mounting the CPU!



Or the slightly more powerful RTX 2070 with 8G of RAM

I would go with at least 32GB

Always go with SSD’s for video editing since they are faster. Also for main operating storage drive SSD’s will speed up your operating system since it’s quicker for your CPU to load in the programs from the hardrive.

For storing the actual files of the project you are editing right now I would recommend getting another SSD. You don’t want to have the system files and working video files on the same drive. I always put minimum 2TB of SSD space for video files on my machines and then get large but cheaper external drives for storing other projects that I am not currently editing.

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