Best Laptop for Students

Getting the most value for $700

A laptop has become a necessity for most students who are past the elementary school. However, considering the cost of education, especially at the university level, students often cannot fit into their budgets top-of-the line laptops. The good news is that it is possible to find capable devices that meet students needs for $700 or less. Continue reading Best Laptop for Students

Intel Optane Memory – Deceptive Marketing?

8GB DRAM + 16GB Optane != 24GB Memory

If you’ve come across a computer featuring the Intel Optane memory, and felt a bit confused, you are not alone. The way Intel and computer makers have marketed this new technology has been misleading, especially at launch time. After initial criticism from consumer advocates (and vigilant tech bloggers!), Intel, Dell, HP and others have done a better job explaining what the Optane Memory is, and what it isn’t. Unfortunately, there are still some sellers out there – especially third-party Amazon sellers – who continue confusing and misleading consumers. Continue reading Intel Optane Memory – Deceptive Marketing?

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